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© Divine Publishing, 2e Hogenbanweg 111-G1, 3042 AX, Rotterdam, Nederland
Many books have been written about revival, but very rarely do they describe the true steps to achieve that! This exceptional book is so confronting about God's ways to bring us to a revival and about our false attempts that don't work to achieve it! The writer, who has received a prophetic revelation and a mandate from the Lord Jesus Christ, gives a “final countdown” warning to the body of Christ. This, before the great day of the Lord comes to take His church to heaven and His return here on earth! That day is around the corner! The church of Christ is unfortunately in a very deep sleep. She is hearing deaf and seeing blind, as a result of which she cannot distinguish the serious time in which she now lives! Now is the time to wake up and to ‘buy eye ointment’ to see and climb the steps, starting with a deep remorse and brokenness, so that the Lord can revive the church again! The Lord has recorded in His Word, the way He brings a revival. Only if we follow those steps, will the Lord come down, heal His people, restore the land and give the last and greatest harvest that we have been dreaming of for years. Full of His Spirit we will give 100% loyalty again and reach maturity in Him. Hanna Olivieira is called as an apostle and prophet and is the founder of Divine Romance Ministries. In the 20 years of her ministry she has founded 3 churches. The first one in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and 2 in Suriname, South America. She is the main speaker at various conferences, the most important of which was ‘The wake-up call’ in 2017. Her calling is specifically to invoke and guide the body of Christ, to be ‘Bride of Christ’ and to teach how to ‘prepare the clothes’ to radiantly meet The Groom!
Climb up! The final steps towards revival
By: Hanna Olivieira